Social Services

In an effort to ensure prompt and efficient service , a team of patient relations  coordinators attend to patients and visitors . A member of the patient relations team visits patients daily basis , to ensure their needs are met . The patient relations team consists of Arabic and English speaking staff , catering to different cultural needs .


The Farah hospital is committed to promoting community based health education by offering seminars on relevant health issues . The Hospital also encourages continuing medical education by providing forums for the Farah and community doctors to interact and discuss the latest medical developments , as offering ongoing education and training to the medical and nursing staff .


Farah Hospital is aware of the growing needs of the local community for obstetrics and gynecology , pediatric / neonatology services ,the management of the hospital has established in its strategic plan the goal of developing these services as centers of excellence initially in ALEPPO – DISTRICT


The OB/GYN  department will offer a prenatal counseling clinic for patients with medical complications , a recurrent abortion clinic and a genetic counseling clinic for inherited disorders .


The future plan is to develop I.V.H facilities within the other services of the FARAH HOSPITAL



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