Maternity Packages

1- Antenatal package:


this includes only antenatal services

the course

Items Included:

Consultations with the attending specialist-12visits TPHA/FTA

Booking Investigations :


CBC-(to be further repeated 3 times)

Blood Group– ABO/RH

Indirect Coombs test in RH negative mothers (to Be further repeated twice )

Random Blood Sugar




Rubella IgG

Cephalic Version

Midstream urine culture and sensitivity – once High Vaginal swab culture and sensitivity - once Obstetric Ultrasound screening – three times


the following are optional that could be requested during of pregnancy:

Glucose Tolerance Test (G.T.T)

Blood Sugar Series Profile (BSS)

Cervical Smear

Hepatitis Antibody Profile

Ultrasound picture


Items not included:

Antenatal Cardiotocography(CTG)

Biophysical Profile   Doppler blood

Amniocentesis        External


Package price : 12000 L.S Amount to be paid on registration

2- Delivery Package:

Mode of Delivery Twin Sharing Room Single Room
Normal delivery plus 2 days post-natal care Primipara 12000 L.S 14000 L.S
Multipara 8000   L.S 12000 L.S
Instrumental vaginal Delivery plus 2 days post-natal care 14000 L.S 16000 L.S

Caesarean Delivery

Plus 3 nights post-natal care
20000 L.S 15000 L.S

Caesarean Delivery

Plus 2 nights post-natal care
15000 L.S 13000 L.S


Items Included in the Package:


Items not included in the package:

- Labor ward care for any clinician if  indicated

- Spontaneous vaginal delivery with episiotomy under be charged separately

- Specialist supervision with a maximum duration of stay

- admission prior to delivery

- Of 14 hours

- labor , would be charged

- Labor ward charges and 2 days post-natal stay in a room options.

- Twin sharing/ single room (as applicable)

- attendant's meal and overnight

- Therapeutic hospital diet(for 2 days)

- 2 days visit by the specialist in charge

- 2 days baby care in the nursery and pediatric have provision for

- consultations

- Pre anesthetic check up for caesarean patients stay is possible with


- Epidural /spinal room rent .

- Anesthesia , parenteral infusions-colloids , crystalloids And blood products , Drugs used during and after delivery .

- Additional Consultation with blood reserved/ issued will


Please Note: Any antenatal including for induction of according to the selected provision available for stay at an additional cost .

Twin sharing rooms do not attendant's overnight stay .

An upgrading of in-patient payment of the differential .

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