Farah's vision  

To be one of the leading private health care provender in the Middle East by continually meeting the needs of our patients


Guidelines for Attaining Our Vision



* give patients first priority in every respect.

* provide quality ethical care and best service in all times. 

* function as a team to continually meet and exceed and the need expectations of patients to ensure maximum satisfaction in all aspects of care and service.    

* Ensure confidentiality, respect, comfort and warmth to patients and their families.

* Provide the latest in medical treatment with continuous and assimilation of the latest technology and treatment methods whenever deemed necessary appropriate.


Our people

* Enlist and associate healthcare professionals of the highest based upon a vigorous internal and external on-going evaluation process .

* Insist on compulsory educational services for healthcare professionals to stay abreast of the latest patient care developments .

* Maintain an environment which encourage innovation and employee growth through training , motivation and rewards .


Operate in an atmosphere which promotes respect , dignity and friendliness all .



* promote healthy lifestyle to the community through a variety of preventive and educational health programs .

* participate in programs to help the less fortunate in the community and promote the spirit of caring .

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