About Hospital :

Farah Hospital was ceremoniesed officially in 1999. It’s a specialized maternity hospital.

The hospital has the following activities and departments:

1- Clinics:

Equipped with all needed medical equipment such as echo-equipment, monitor for the embryo, cardiac monitors, pulse-oximetre and all the necessary other equipments like air conditioning, ventilation …etc

2- laboratory:

Where the basic analysis are done. It contains all the necessary equipment.


Supplies the necessary medicines for patients and the hospital.

4- Newborn Dept:

Includes new born clinic,  7 incubators with 7 photo therapy apparatus, open incubator, 2 extensive physiotherapy units .

5- Labor ward:

Includes 3 labor rooms that supported with necessary equipments such as embryo monitor, anesthesia equipments, and oxygen measures equipments ………

6- Operations hall: Includes:

a- Main operation hall.

b- Laparoscopic-surgery hall.

c- Small Surgery hall.

All halls are equipped with new anesthesia equipments, cardiac monitors, defibrillator, halogen light device, oxygen oximeter, perfusion equipments, operation tables and suitable operation equipments.

7- Service rooms: include the kitchen, laundry, employer changing rooms, hall, spare electric generators, and storages.

8- Patient rooms: all are equipped with the following :

- Central heating, air conditioning.

- Central oxygen.

- Central radio.

- Telephone.

-  Private W.C

- Headlight equipment above the patient's bed.

- A connected TV with internal network includes 10 satellites and cable channel.

- Call equipment for calling the nurse.

The rooms are classified as follow:

a- Joining ward: include more than one patient bed.

b- Normal room: include one patient bed.

c- Excellent room: include one patient and refrigerator.

d- Suite: include 2 rooms (special one for guests ) shower room, patient's room with the possibility of direct phone calls, and refrigerator.

8- Transport Dept: it promotes the necessary services for the hospital, 24 hours a day; it also provides the transport for hospital staff.

9- Maintenance section: it provides the necessary maintenance 24 hours a day for all the equipments and instruments in the hospital.

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